Acne treatment and management: a Success Story

Dear readers,

My name is Daniela and I am the Director of Skinnovation Laser Clinic. Today I come to share my personal story!

I’ve been battling acne since my teens. Back then I tried lots of things, such as medications, skin produtcs, change in diet etc. Mind you,  I wasn’t really educated in skin as I hadn’t even started my beauty therapy studies yet, so I was doing whatever I was being told to do by professionals. Nothing really worked and I ended up giving up for a long time and just lived with it, whilst covering it up with make up on a daily basis.

It’s been about 2 years since I decided to give it another try, since now I am educated in skin and have access to the best products and latest treatments (thankfully). And here are my wonderful results! They were achieved by a combination of different treatments and consistent use of Cosmedical Skincare.


Listed below are the different treatments performed to achieve these results:

  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation with Medlite C6. Click here to read more.
  • Carbon Laser Peel with Medlite C6. Click here to read more.
  • O Pro Dermal Oxygenating Enzyme Peel. Click here to read more.


For my skin care routine during this process and to this date, below are the products used:

  • O COSMEDICS Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser – used day and night. Read more.
  • O COSMEDICS 3 in 1 Fruit Peel Mask- used 2x a week to exfoliate skin. Read more.
  • O COSMEDICS O Biotics B3 Plus – used every morning and night. Read more.
  • O COSMEDICS Potent Retinol Serum – used every second night. Read more.
  • O COSMEDICS Rebalancing Cream- used day and night. Read more.


Now that I’ve managed to get my skin back on track, I will still continue my skin care regime with the products listed above, and also alternate the treatments listed above as  maintenance, every couple of months. Next, I will be starting a course of Skin needling treatments (read more), to improve the mild acne scarring left behind.

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