Cryolipolysis – or Fat Freezing, is a non- invasive procedure that reduces localized fat. You know, that stubborn pocket of fat that annoyingly accumulates in certain body areas, and that no matter what we do to get rid of it (exercising and eating healthy), we just can’t!
The word “cryolipolysis” is the combination of 3 different scientific ancient words. “Krios”, is a greek work for “cold”; “lipo” means “fat” and “lysis” means “the disintegration of a cell by rupture of the cell membrane” . So Cryolipolysis is the rupture of fat cells through cold temperature.
The technique involves the placement of an applicator on the area treated. This applicator produces a vacuum suction, pulling the fat into the applicator cup, and then cooling the area. The low temperature affects the fat cells, causing their controlled death. The fat cells then get absorbed and eliminated from the body.
Each session takes around 60 minutes, and because this is a non-invasive treatment, the client can return to their normal activities on the same day. Sessions can be done every 8-12 weeks and you can treat up to 4 areas at once. Results can be noticed about 4 weeks after the session, but the final outcome will be seen after 3 months. 
You can treat stubborn fat in areas such as: abdomen, back, love handles (hips), thighs, arms, knees and chin. You will be able to see results from the the first session, however, the achievement of greater results will also rely on other factors such as a healthy diet and exercise routine.

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