What Is Acne Scar Reduction?

At Skinnovation Laser Clinic in Sydney, we use laser acne therapy called MedLite C6 to treat active acne and superficial acne scars, as well as Dermapen 4 Microneedling method to get rid of pitted acne scars. Contact us and consult with our skin specialists about the best procedure that will work for your specific skin issue. 

We use MedLite C6 laser acne therapy which utilises thermal energy to cause a chemical reaction in the pores. This kills bacteria which cause the acne, reduces the pore size, and minimises the oil flow to the pores, which will give you more control over your skin. The optimal number of treatments recommended for treating active acne is typically between 6 and 8. 

About the Procedure

There are two available techniques for removing acne scars. The most appropriate technique for you largely depends on the severity of your acne scars, meaning that deeper acne scars won’t be treated in the same way as surface ones. Our first acne scar reduction treatment is designed to get rid of surface acne scars. We use the aforementioned MedLite C6 laser which uses thermal energy to penetrate the skin and produce new collagen and elastin. This process typically causes the skin cells to self-repair, resulting in smooth, rejuvenated skin and a healthy glow. Between 10 and 15 treatments are usually recommended for acne scar reduction, and this treatment can be combined with Skin Needling for optimal results. 

Our Dermapen 4 (Microneedling) method is designed for people who have deeper or pitted acne scarring – the type of acne scars that are significantly deeper than surface ones. This method is also used on clients who want faster results and don’t mind post treatment downtime. 


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The Benefits of Acne Scar Reduction

The first and the most important benefit of acne scar reduction in Sydney is quite obvious – this procedure is designed to remove or significantly reduce the visibility of severe acne scars and smooth out your skin. It can even out your skin tone and improve your complexion. Acne scar reduction is also likely to boost your self-confidence, as acne can cause people to feel insecure because of their acne scars. 

 MedLite C6 is a fantastic option if you are struggling with stubborn acne that won’t go away no matter how expensive skincare products you use. As already mentioned, our laser acne therapy uses highly-beneficial thermal energy that kills acne-causing bacteria, shrinks the pores, and reduces the oil flow to the skin. 


Who Is the Right Candidate for Acne Scar Reduction?

The right candidates for acne scar reduction are all those who have been struggling with acne scars – no matter if they are superficial or deep. If you want to remove scars and rejuvenate your skin now is the time to contact Skinnovation Laser Clinic and book your free initial consultation with our experts. Our experienced skin specialists will help you figure out which kind of acne scar reduction treatment will be the best choice for your specific case, so don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Laser acne therapy is a gentler procedure designed for both active acne and superficial acne scars. It usually takes between 6-8 sessions for active acne or 10-15 sessions for acne scar reduction. Dermapen method is a bit more advancedl than the previous one. It typically takes between 4 and 8 sessions for the results to be seen. Contrary to laser acne therapy, this one is associated with some downtime.


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Recovery Period and Results

Our acne scar reduction treatments are performed with modern and effective methods that deliver safe results. Laser acne therapy doesn’t require any downtime as it’s quite gentle on the skin. Since it works by causing a chemical reaction in the pores and killing the bacteria that cause acne, the  side-effects you may experience are mild swelling and redness. These side effects typically subside a few hours after the treatment.

The Dermapen method is a bit more invasive than laser therapy, based on mechanical stimulation, you can expect to experience certain levels of pain, as well as swelling, redness, and sometimes mild bruising. These side effects are usual after this procedure and not a cause for concern. Results are typically evident after the first procedure, and optimal after 2 or 3 sessions.


Schedule Your Acne Scar Reduction Treatment at Skinnovation Laser Clinic

Our clinic is located in Pacific Square Shopping Centre, in the heart of the Eastern Suburbs, which means that we service all of Sydney’s east. 

Our staff is here to help you choose the best treatment according to your needs, and will also play a significant role in the decision-making process due to their experience and expertise. To speak to our specialist contact us today to arrange a free consultation