Acne Scar Reduction

At Skinnovation, we treat acne and acne scarring with MedLite C6®.

Laser acne therapy uses thermal energy to cause a chemical reaction in the pores, killing bacteria that causes acne. It also minimizes the oil flow by reducing pore size, giving you control over your skin.

6-8 treatments are recommended for acne treatments.

In the case of remaining acne scarring, the laser will use thermal energy to penetrate skin and produce new collagen and elastin which will encourage the cells to self-repair.

10-15 treatments are recommended for acne scarring reduction. Treatment can also be combined with Skin Needling for optimum results.

In cases of pitted acne scarring or  where the client wants faster results and doesn’t mind  going through a bit of downtime, another great method we use is the Micropoints method.

This technique is works amazingly on acne scarring. Around 4-6 sessions are required at 2-4 weeks intervals in between sessions.

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