Tattoo Removal

Not really a fan of that tattoo you got when you were younger? Or the one you got recently did not quite fulfill your expectations? Don’t despair and think you are scarred for life.

At Skinnovation Laser Clinic, we perform tattoo removal for all of you who would like to erase the disappointing ink from your skin.

We offer to every client a FREE initial consultation where we can further discuss a treatment plan and make sure you are a suitable candidate for laser tattoo removal treatment.

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close up shot of tattoo removal with laser

tattooed woman having a tattoo removed from her arm

What Makes us the Most Reliable Choice for Tattoo Removal

In order to ensure an effective tattoo removal with minimal side-effects, Skinnovation Laser Clinic utilizes a medical grade laser – MedLite C6 Q-Switched Laser. Among top experts in the field, it is claimed to be the best laser tattoo removal machine in the market.

No matter the colour or size of the tattoo you wish to get rid of, we assure you that MedLite C6 will be up to the task. We’ve been operating with this particular type of laser since the very first tattoo removal we performed, which is why we can safely say that you can expect nothing but a positive outcome. It is designed to target ink of any colour without damaging the surrounding tissue, and this quality makes it appropriate for a range of other finer cosmetic procedures as well.

We use Zimmer Cooling System to minimize discomfort during treatment. It can reduce up to 80% discomfort during your laser tattoo removal session. We can also use an Ice Pack for the same purpose if that is your preference.

How We Do It

First, we schedule a free consultation to check out the tattoo you wish to remove. We insist on this step because Skinnovation Laser Clinic does not remove cosmetic tattoos as the ink is iron-based. Generally speaking, it doesn’t respond well to laser treatments but, in fact, tends to make things even worse. For this reason, we wish to take a look at the tattoo and tell you whether we can remove it and explain the entire process beforehand.

We also understand that many of you worry about the discomfort and pain you may feel during the procedure. To minimize it as much as possible, Skinnovation Laser Clinic tattoo removal professionals use Zimmer Cooling System and Ice Packs, whichever you prefer. We want to make tattoo removal as stress and pain-free as possible, so not only do we use pain management options effectively, we also ensure the atmosphere is as welcoming as possible.

All of our skincare experts, dermatologists, and cosmetic surgeons are known for their friendly attitude and tender touch. But in case you feel like you cannot bear the discomfort anymore, you can ask to take a short break – we’ll gladly do it to help you get through the tattoo removal process easier.

close up shot of a woman getting a tattoo removed
close up of tattoo removal being performed on a clients arm

Customised Treatment

In the majority of cases, it takes a minimum of 6 sessions to produce an optimal outcome. However, the exact number of treatments depends on several factors, including the type of tattoo (if it is coloured or not), the area of the body the tattoo is on, and the bodies ability to detoxify the ink particles.

When you opt for tattoo removal, it can be confusing to learn how long the treatment will take, how many of them you will need and what you can expect immediately after the treatment. It all varies from one individual to the next, and one tattoo to the next. There is a lot of different information out there and this is where Skinnovation shines brighter than any of its competitors who conduct tattoo removal.

We are happy to provide all the answers you need. We are honest, upfront and never make any false promises. Though in the majority of cases we manage to remove the tattoo completely, in some instances, minor scarring is possible. That is why we provide our patients with a detailed post-treatment care plan to minimise the chances of scarring.

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If there is a tattoo you’ve considered an eye-sore for some time now, or it has been bringing back some not-so-great memories, don’t postpone its removal any longer. Skinnovation Laser Clinic is happy to arrange a free consultation to discuss the details of the procedure.

Having our clinic in the heart of the eastern suburbs means we service all of Sydney’s east. Our doors are open for anyone who wishes to erase some ink from their skin. No matter how much there is to eliminate, we are at your disposal to do it in the most painless and effective way possible.

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      1. Do you remove cosmetic tattoos?

        No. Most cosmetic tattoos are made of an iron-based ink that will not respond well to laser treatment, and will possibly make it worse.

  • How long does each treatment take?

    Depending on the size of the tattoo, it can take from 10 minutes on a small tattoo up to 30 minutes on a very large tattoo with multiple different colours.

  • Does it hurt?

    It can be quite uncomfortable to some people, but it will all depend on each individual’s pain threshold.
    To minimise discomfort we use the Zimmer Cooling System and/ or Ice Packs (clients choice).

  • Can you remove coloured tattoos?


  • Can you remove only some parts of my tattoo?

    Yes, definitely. We can target specific areas on your tattoo in case you only want to remove some parts of it.

  • Can pregnant women have tattoo removal treatment?

    No. Tattoo removal is not recommended on pregnant women as ink particles are shattered into the blood system. If you have already started a tattoo removal course of treatments and fall pregnant, please advise us. We will suspend treatment until after the breastfeeding phase is finished then we can resume treatment without affecting the results.

  • What can I expect immediately after treatment?

    A white frost-like reaction is common after the treatment. That will fade in about 30 mins after treatment.
    Redness and mild swelling are also common reactions. They normally subside after a few hours.